Celebrating Employee Service at USciences

By Brian Kirschner

President's Special Achievement AwardLeft to right: Chair of the Information Science Department Charles J. Myers,winner of the President’s Special Achievement Award Bibliographic Technician Gloria Goodwin, and president Dr. Paul Katz.

Employees from five to 50 years of service were recognized by University president Dr. Paul Katz for their dedication to University of the Sciences at the annual Employee Recognition Reception on June 1, 2017. In addition, Dr. Katz had the privledge to present Gloria Goodwin from Information Sciences not only her 35 years of service award but the President’s Special Achievement Award which is given to an employee for his or her outstanding work performance and achievement during the current academic year.

“Gloria has been president of the Friends of University of the Sciences since 2013. She was instrumental in putting together the Student Emergency Fund, and if there is an even on the weekend, she will be there. At any event we do here that requires staff to volunteer, you find Gloria Goodwin there,” read Dr. Katz from the nominating letter. “Students come by just to give her a hug.”

Years of Service Honorees

Left to right: Dr. James R. McKee, PhD (40 years of service), president Dr. Paul Katz, and Dr. Daniel A. Hussar (50 years of service). Not pictured: Dr. George W. Downs (45 years of service). 

5 Years of Service

Anthony P. Acquavella, MD, Physician Assistant Studies

Jessica L. Adams, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Julie A. Becker, PhD, Health Policy

Amy R. Bennis-Kimball, MA, Academic Advising

Angela L. Bingham, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Jane Bowen, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Mark M. Bullock, JD, Student Conduct

Julie E. Carney-Jones, Med, Academic Advising

Lisa Charneski, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Richard L. Cosgriff, Jr., BS, Academic Technology

Kevin A. Dillon, BFA, Facilities Services

Andrew J. Esposito, MS, Academic Technology

Grace A. Farber, PhD, Biological Sciences

Matthew J. Farber, PhD, Biological Sciences

Eric J. Folkins, MPT, Physical Therapy

Heidi V. Freeman, PhD, Health Sciences

Diane E. Hadley, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Lekigee D. Jones, Facilities Services

Gina M. Kernan, BS, Marketing

Katherine F. Koffer, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Michael J. McHugh, MS, Registrar's Office

Kenneth A. Myers, PhD, Biological Sciences

Maria Nakos, BBA, Facilities Services

Joseph D. Olesweski, BS, Safety

Sally Hillman Redman, BA, Admission Office

Jessica M. Sautter, PhD, Social Sciences

Alice Scaletta, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Daniel A. Severino, BS, Facilities Services

John W. Tomsho, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Joan F. Ward, MS, Physician Assistant Studies

Justin Williams, BS, Admission Office

10 Years of Service

Tanya B. Burns, Student Conduct

Amy B. Jessop, MPH, PhD, Health Policy

Eldrea P. Jones, Facilities Services

Brian C. Kirschner, Med, Marketing & Communications

Kelly L. Mercer, Controller's Office

Charles J. Myers, MA, MLS, Information Science

Michelle L. Ramirez, PhD, MPH, Social Sciences

Catherine A. Roth, MA, Physician Assistant Studies

Alexander Sidorenko, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Shira Toledano, Academic Advising

15 Years of Service

Claude Finger, Facilities Services

Christine Flanagan, MFA, Humanities

Cheryl Y. Green, Facilities Services

Yumee K. Koo, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Madhumati Mahalingam, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stephen T. Moelter, PhD, Social Sciences

Preston B. Moore, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Edward A. Reimers, MA, Math, Physics & Statistics

Lia Vas, PhD, Math, Physics & Statistics

20 Years of Service

Catherine M. Bentzley, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michael F. Bruist, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Shanaz R. Tejani-Butt, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Amy Christopher, MS, Marketing

Joseph R. Dunn, Facilities Services

Vanessa L. Jones, Facilities Services

Bernadette T. Kelly, Dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Office

Diane W. Morel, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Andrew M. Peterson, PhD, Dean of Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy Office

Catherine R. Purzycki, MS, Biological Sciences

25 Years of Service

Alison M. Mostrom, PhD, Biological Sciences

Susan M. Pettus, Dean of Misher Arts and Sciences Office

Cathy Y. Poon, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

Kevin C. Wolbach, MS, Dean of Misher Arts and Sciences Office

Peter Wong, Facilities Services

30 Years of Service

Michael D. Dockray, MA, Humanities

Peter J. Harvison, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Clyde M. Ofner III, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Estelle Sherrod, Dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Office

35 Years of Service

Gloria Goodwin, AS, Information Science

Lisa A. Lawson Gibson, PharmD, Dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Office

David Pauley, Med, Physical Education

Karen J. Tietze, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

40 Years of Service

James R. McKee, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

45 Years of Service

George W. Downs, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

50 Years of Service

Daniel A. Hussar, PhD, Pharmacy Practice/Administration

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