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Business and Science Degrees Gives Alumna a Competitive Edge in Her Career

By Katherine Tancredi

Yelena Yankovskaya PharmD’12, MBA’14 At the start of her career at University of the Sciences, Yelena Yankovskaya PharmD’12, MBA’14 was a student at the pharmacy school. After picking up some business credits to fill space in her schedule, she fell in love with the coursework and changed direction to put her on the path to working on the business side of healthcare.

Dr. Yankovskaya continued pursuing her degree in pharmacy. Upon completion, she immediately enrolled in the University’s Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy where she went on to get her MBA two years later.

“Both of my degrees set me up for success in my career, because I got exposure to a wide range of opportunities to learn and try new things,” said Dr. Yankovskaya. “Through Mayes College, I got to do a managed markets fellowship, which led to Genentech where I work now in managed care marketing. Having this unique perspective is valuable and I also know that at any time I can go back to practicing pharmacy in a direct patient care setting.”

At Genentech, Dr. Yankovskaya manages a team of account managers who work directly with their customers. She acts as a strategic partner to her account managers, connecting them with information about Genentech’s available products.

“We need to make sure our people are equipped to convey the value of our medicines to these customers so ultimately it can have a positive impact on the patients,” said Dr. Yankovskaya.

Dr. Yankovskaya’s pharmacy background helps her to better understand the foundations of the science behind Genentech’s products, which in turn helps her determine the best products for prospective patients.

“Patients are at the core of everything we do here. We talk about how the decisions we make will impact patients,” said Dr. Yankovskaya. “Because I have that additional perspective, it can enrich the conversation.”

From her time at USciences, Dr. Yankovskaya fondly remembers the community of both the university and the surrounding neighborhood.

“My most vivid memory is from my first time visiting the campus. I had never been to this part of Philadelphia and I was really excited by the history in the area, by the architecture and the people that call west Philadelphia their home,” said Dr. Yankovskaya. “It was great to be a part of such a diverse community while going to school.”

One of Yankovskaya’s most memorable experiences was a communications class with Assistant Professor of Communications Kenneth Leibowitz, MA, where she received lasting advice for both her personal and professional life.

“One of the things he taught in the class really stuck with me. He mentioned this concept of relationship culture,” recalled Dr. Yankovskaya. “Everyone’s relationship is different, and it’s important to be mindful and not judge.”

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