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Biology Alumna Inspired to Use Her Future Medical Degree to Help Others

By Katherine Tancredi

Tara JaisonFor Tara Jaison BI’17, the top priority in her college search was a pre-med program that would give her quality curriculum, research opportunities, and an urban setting. After reviewing the courses and curriculum available at University of the Sciences, it was clear that USciences was a great choice for her.

Jaison will continue on to pursue her medical degree at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark, New Jersey. She feels that the biology program at USciences prepared her for this exciting next step toward becoming a medical doctor.

“My courses not only provided the scientific foundation necessary for my medical career but also provided opportunities for growth,” said Jaison. “The classes I took as part of the biology major were challenging, which pushed me to make changes that would make me a better student. The skills I’ve learned throughout my time at USciences prepared me for medical school.”

Jaison’s advisors also helped her on her path to medical school. She received immense support during her USciences career from her academic advisor, assistant chair in the Department of Biological Sciences and director of undergraduate studies in biological science Catherine Purzycki, MS, as well as her pre-med advisor, associate director of pre-health professions advising Laura Mangano, MEd. Both women had a huge impact on Jaison.

Her experiences at USciences created a deeper desire to help others. She was heavily influenced by the coursework from her minor in social science. “The classes that I took in order to complete the minor opened my eyes to the realities and struggles of today’s society,” said Jaison. “I will be able to use this knowledge as a future physician.”

USciences’ location in Philadelphia also enhanced Jaison’s experience as a student. She was able to shadow at local hospitals and find ample opportunities for volunteer work. “Living in an urban environment presented opportunities that I may not have been able to have at another university,” said Jaison. “As a pre-med student, I had many options for shadowing and hospital volunteering. I had opportunities to volunteer at homeless shelters, museums, and marathons as well.”

For incoming students, Jaison offers some advice:

“Take advantage of the numerous opportunities and resources provided by USciences,” said Jaison. “Be involved in activities that you are interested in and work hard to excel in academics. By challenging yourself and being committed to your education, you will be able to graduate knowing that you have accomplished all of your goals.”

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