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At USciences Eleonora Gianti PhD’13 Gained the Tools to Tackle Professional Research

By Jenna Pizzi

Elenora GiantiLearning to balance multiple scientific problems while answering all of the questions that the research demanded, Eleonora Gianti PhD’13 was given the opportunity to tackle professional and research challenges from many different perspectives as a student in the Biochemistry Graduate Program at USciences.

“My experiences forged my professional profile and were critical to me establishing my career,” said Dr. Gianti who works as a research assistant professor at the Institute for Computational Science at Temple University.

“I learned how to write a successful grant proposal and got my first computer-time grant as a principal investigator from the American Chemical Society and National Institute for Computational Sciences when I was a graduate student,” said Dr. Gianti. “I was also able to establish fruitful research collaborations while gaining valuable experience teaching.”

Dr. Gianti, originally from Italy, obtained her bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Universita’ degli Studi di Pavia in Pavia, Italy, and two additional master’s degrees from University of Milano-Bicocca in Milan, Italy.

With about seven years’ experience working for both big pharmaceutical companies and small biotechnology institutions in Italy, Dr. Gianti came to USciences because of the University’s strong tradition in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

“This school has a long reputation of graduating alumni who have made major advances in healthcare,” said Dr. Gianti. “It is an important legacy that USciences offers to students and alumni, and I’m nothing but proud to be a part of it.”

On top of that, the faculty in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department have a strong computational chemistry background and offer invaluable research opportunities to their students, Dr. Gianti said. She took advantage of their expertise, delving into projects related to the development of cancer therapeutics.

Dr. Gianti received several awards from USciences including the Student Merit Award during the 2012 Founders’ Day celebration, which is presented to a student who represents the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the University’s founders while also engaging in research or some form of scholarly pursuit that results in new developments or discoveries. Dr. Gianti earned the 2011 Edward Birnbaum Excellence in Doctoral Research Award in recognition of excellent achievement in graduate-level research and in 2013 was awarded the Murray Zanger Award for Excellence in Teaching.

In a national competition in 2011, Dr. Gianti won the American Chemical Society’s Peter Kollman Supercomputing award, jointly sponsored by the American Chemical Society and the National Institute for Computational Sciences.

“I remember many things regarding my studies at USciences. But most of all, the fact that every day for four years, despite challenging myself with hard work and commitment to science, I have been aware of being in the right place to put the foundations for a better future,” said Dr. Gianti.


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