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APTA Meeting a Showcase for USciences Physical Therapy Program

APTA 2017 GroupLeft to right: Julia McGlynn DPT’16, Gabrielle Adams DPT’16, Louis Tomasetti DPT’14, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Eric Folkins, PT, DPT, and Department of Physical Therapy Chair Marc Campolo, PT, PhD.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) had their yearly Combined Sections Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, this past February. The Department of Physical Therapy was represented through multiple faculty-student poster presentations and faculty platform presentations. This conference was attended by over 14,000 physical therapists from around the country and abroad. 

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Margie Roos, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS, was part of the team winning the Golden Synapse Award from the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting on February 17, 2017. Dr. Roos was an author on the article “Relationship Between Walking Capacity, Biopsychosocial Factors, Self-efficacy, and Walking Activity in Persons Poststroke” which was selected as the most outstanding article published in the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy in the past year.

Alumni at APTA

Left to right: Lauren Digioia Heine DPT’10, Marcy Turkos MPT’03, and Jennifer Clemenko MPT’01.  

In the USciences DPT program, students and faculty pair on research projects in their areas of interest. This mentored program helps us cultivate the next generation of clinicians that utilize and produce physical therapy research.

Congratulations to USciences faculty, students, and alumni who contributed to the science of physical therapy.

Poster Presentations:

Assistant Professor Eric Folkins PT, DPT, CSCS, and Tom Buklarewicz DPT’16, Yaroslav Sokolovskyy DPT’16, Zach Theinert DPT’16, and Frank Ryan DPT’16 presented: "Cervical Traction Training Program: Utilizing Biofeedback and Motor Learning Principles."

Associate Professor Margie Roos PT, PhD, NCS, and Thomas Wintringham DPT’16, Courtney Heys DPT’16, and Asia Pickney DPT'16 at poster: "Determining Walking Activity in People with Stroke and Healthy Older Adults: A Comparison of Moderate and High Intensity Walking Minutes."

Assistant Professor David Logerstedt, PT, PhD, SCS, and Gabrielle Adams DPT’16, and Olivia Pryzbylkowski DPT’16 who presented: "Influence of Patient Demographics and Graft Type on ACL Second Injury Rates in Ipsilateral vs. Contralateral Limbs: Systematic Review.”

Marc Campolo, PT, PhD, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy, and Jennifer Freda DPT’16, Matthew Hyland DPT’16, and Farryn Kauffman DPT’16 presented a poster on "The Effect of Kinesiotape on Quadriceps Motor Unit Function."

Director of Clinical Education and Professor Shelly Lewis, PT, DPT, presented a poster on "Exploring the Influence of Clinical Experience on Students' Prioritization of Core Values."

Lora Packel, PT, PhD, CCS, and Julia McGlynn DPT’16 gave a platform presentation, “Translational Research in Cancer Related Fatigue.” Lindsay Bunyard DPT’16, Danielle Hoguet DPT’16, Alex Ruiz-Cortez, and Mehan Weisbecker DPT’16 participated in data collection as part of this faculty-student research project.

Lora Packel PT, PhD, CCS, presented the platform, “Transitions in Care: An Interprofessional Workshop” to the Education Section. 

A special acknowledgement goes out to Meredith Stewart DPT’17 who presented:

“Lived experiences of patients with children with autism spectrum disorders: Qualitative focus on parents' jobs, concerns, and needs” at the APTA's SOPAC conference in Keystone Resort, Colorado in November 2016. Stewart also presented at CSM in February 2017, “Lived experiences of parents with children with autism spectrum disorders: Parental perceptions of physical activity.” These two projects are part of a larger qualitative study with a former USciences Department of Physical Therapy faculty member Dr. Kim Ward.

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