The Kathleen Mayes Graduate Fellowship Makes Pursuing a Graduate Degree at USciences More Affordable

By Brian Kirschner

student at deskUpdate (Feb. 9, 2017): Kate Mayes Fellowships are now also available to eligible biochemistry and chemistry students in the MS, MS (non-thesis), and PhD tracks, as well as MS and PhD pharmacognosy students. 

Eleven students received the Kathleen Mayes Graduate Fellowship for the spring 2016 semester and University of the Sciences is accepting applications for eligible students to receive the fellowship for the fall semester.

The fellowship was established in December 2016 by. Kathleen Mayes P’76, PharmD’78, who is also serving as interim president of USciences.

The fellowship is intended to support graduate students in their pursuit of select master’s degree or certificate programs. It is open to students enrolling in bioinformatics, biomedical writing, health psychology, and the MBA in pharmaceutical and healthcare business, and it puts many of these degree programs within reach, allowing an easier, more affordable path to fulfilling careers.

Students pursuing a degree in biomedical writing have the flexibility to pursue many different career avenues. Those studying health psychology are in demand in order to provide psychological services to patients with medical illnesses. Graduates in bioinformatics are helping to drive science and research, combining computer science with biology into rewarding careers.

Graduates of the the MBA program have found themselves working and advancing in large pharma companies like Merck, Johnson and Johnson, GSK, and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Within six months of graduation, 93 percent of graduates with their MBA had secured a job and 89 percent were making more than $50,000.

The spring fellowship was awarded to six graduate students enrolled in the biomedical writing program, three MBA candidates, and two others enrolled in the business, pharmaceutical, and healthcare certificate program. The fellows include students like a freelance medical writer from Houston Texas to a pharmaceutical information consultant from Philadelphia.

Each student who receives the award earns $618 per credit hour applied directly to their tuition, amounting to a nearly 30 percent reduction in their tuition.

For more information about the fellowship opportunity contact the office of Graduate Admissions at

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