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The Class of 2016: Meet Nick Tomasello Phys'16

By Jenna Pizzi

tomaselloNICK TOMASELLO Phys’16 said his challenging coursework at USciences was made easier by considerate and approachable professors who taught him the skills needed to complete his coursework but also helped him find what he wanted out of life.

“My academic and research advisor Dr. PAUL HALPERN not only taught me a lot about the life of a physicist but was there to support me during some extremely tough times,” Tomasello said. “I’ve always felt welcomed and supported here.”

Tomasello said taking orientation to the humanities opened his eyes to different opportunities he hadn’t otherwise considered with a degree in the sciences.

Tomasello, who graduated as the valedictorian, hopes to begin work using his science background and writing skills as either a science journalist or technical writer.

“I feel that my degree has taught me the skills I need to find and organize information as well as convey it in ways specific to my audience. Hopefully that will help me as a science writer,” Tomasello said.

Commencement Snapshot

Class of 2016 Breakdown of Degrees Graduates by College

Total graduates: 844

Degrees granted: 844

Undergraduate degrees: 744

Graduate degrees: 100

Undergraduate-level grads: 744

Graduate-level grads: 100

Dual-degree graduates: 0

Men: 327

Women: 517

Age of youngest graduate: 19

Age of oldest graduate: 60

Number of states represented by graduates: 26

Number of countries represented by graduates (other than USA): 17

Number of graduates with a 3.40 GPA or higher: 398

Undergraduate: 306

Graduate: 92

BS: 322

BSHS: 112

MBA: 18

MOT: 43

MPH: 18

MS: 35


DPT: 66

DrOT: 15

PharmD: 186

PhD: 9

Mayes College: 72

Misher College: 82

PCP: 434

Samson College: 256

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