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The Class of 2016: Meet Fidelia Bernice PharmD'16

By Jenna Pizzi

berniceIt was the promise of a small classroom environment and individual attention that drew FIDELIA BERNICE PharmD’16 to USciences, but the vast opportunities for real-world experience through the interprofessional introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE) that prepared her for her future career.

“It taught me the unique perspectives that different disciplines bring to the table when caring for patients,” she said.

Dr. Bernice said she encourages other students to take advantage of every opportunity presented at the University.

“Your college years are a time to challenge yourself and grow,” she said. “You are going to learn a lot about yourself — both inside and outside of the classroom — and if you take advantage of opportunities as they appear, you just may surprise yourself.”

Dr. Bernice will be completing a post-graduate residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. She plans to work as an infectious disease pharmacy specialist in a large medial center after her residency.

Commencement Snapshot

Class of 2016 Breakdown of Degrees Graduates by College

Total graduates: 844

Degrees granted: 844

Undergraduate degrees: 744

Graduate degrees: 100

Undergraduate-level grads: 744

Graduate-level grads: 100

Dual-degree graduates: 0

Men: 327

Women: 517

Age of youngest graduate: 19

Age of oldest graduate: 60

Number of states represented by graduates: 26

Number of countries represented by graduates (other than USA): 17

Number of graduates with a 3.40 GPA or higher: 398

Undergraduate: 306

Graduate: 92

BS: 322

BSHS: 112

MBA: 18

MOT: 43

MPH: 18

MS: 35


DPT: 66

DrOT: 15

PharmD: 186

PhD: 9

Mayes College: 72

Misher College: 82

PCP: 434

Samson College: 256

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