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Philip Masaitis PharmD’17 Named Leader of Tomorrow by the Drug Information Association

By Jenna Pizzi

In recognition of his leadership of the USciences’ chapter of Drug Information Association, Philip Masaitis PharmD’17 recently received of the Leader of Tomorrow - Americas Inspire Award at the DIA’s 2016 annual meeting in Philadelphia.

Philip Masaitis PharmD17“The chapter affects the lives of students by enlightening them about opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, a potential for a rewarding career,” said Masaitis. “Being president of this student organization and contributing to this cause by sharing my passion has been an extremely fulfilling experience.”

Masaitis accepted the award during the 52nd annual conference in June and said the award reflects not just on him, but on the work of the USciences DIA chapter and many other university members who supported and guided him.

“This award taught me that actions motivated by passion and belief in what is best, lead to the best results and the greatest impact,” Masaitis said.

The USciences chapter focuses on preparing doctor of pharmacy candidates for their future careers, with an emphasis on the pharmaceutical industry. Through educational events, workshops, and networking sessions, the organization exposes students at USciences’ Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and other local universities to opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry, a field that is not highlighted much within the PharmD curriculum. While Masaitis has been involved, the chapter has held a variety of different types of events, including: internship panels, a drug development scavenger hunt, a field day at Johnson and Johnson, events provding more information about fellowship opportunities, and workshops to practice interviewing skills.

“When I was chapter president I sought to reach out to younger students to engage them earlier in their academic careers,” said Masaitis.

Masaitis said his experience at USciences has been transformative, helping him see that becoming involved and collaborating with peers and professors is the best way to grow not only his career, but also himself as a person.

“My time at USciences allowed me to see that the ideas I have are more than just thoughts. I have learned that setting these ideas into action, by utilizing the proper resources and tools, can create meaningful change and a positive impact, whether in an individual student, the campus, or beyond,” said Masaitis.

Masaitis said he initially chose to pursue his doctor of pharmacy degree at this university because of the positive reputation of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Now, he said he believes the true value lies in the expertise and accessibility of professors and faculty.

“While it isn’t an easy degree to obtain, the close knit community of students and professors are all supportive and want to see students graduate and become successful in their fields,” said Masaitis. “Through this experience, I learned a lot about pharmacy, life, and myself.”

Masaitis encourages other students to get involved with student organizations and interact outside of class with their professors and instructors.

“You will not get the full value of an education like that offered at USciences without interacting with professors and learning from their wisdom,” said Masaitis. “I tried to pick the brains of my professors as often as possible and I am certain that they opened up most doors for me and gave me far more than a classroom lecture ever could.”

Taking the lessons learned at USciences, Masaitis said he plans to enter the pharmaceutical industry after graduation and hopes to contribute to the growing use of digital technology that is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare.  Within the next 10 years, Masaitis hopes to enroll in an MBA program to diversify his skill set, while also continuing his involvement with the global DIA organization.

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