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Pharmaceutical Industry Practice and Education Fellowship Sets Post-Grads Up for Successful Careers

By Jenna Pizzi

group of students

Fellows who recently completed the Pharmaceutical Industry Practice and Education Fellowship Program at University of the Sciences

Getting real experience in some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the region, five post-graduates recently completed the Pharmaceutical Industry Practice and Education Fellowship Program at University of the Sciences, a well-established program that bridges learnings across industry, academia, and clinical practice.

“Obtaining an entry-level position in the pharmaceutical industry can be difficult as companies often seek applicants with prior industry experience,” said Dr. Hilary Mandler, the program’s director. “Pursuing an industry fellowship provides pharmacists with practical job experience and offers opportunities to advance skills, competencies, and leadership capabilities to propel a career in industry.”

USciences offers three separate and unique fellowship opportunities to graduates of an accredited PharmD program. There are two, 2-year programs affiliated with Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies.  The Janssen Scientific Affairs program is focused in medical information and clinical practice whereas the J&J Consumer, Inc. program is focused in global regulatory affairs.  The one-year program at McNeil Consumer Healthcare has a broader focus as it incorporates training in both medical information and regulatory affairs.

All three programs are designed to provide the trainee with opportunities to transfer their core knowledge, built in the classroom and experiential rotations, into practical application.


Sarika Gupta PharmD'14

“Recently, four out of our five fellows obtained positions within the pharmaceutical industry and had all landed positions before they even finished the fellowship,” said Dr. Mandler. The other obtained an academic position in another school of pharmacy.

“The fellowship program prepares them for working in the industry and provides them with the necessary tools and skills that will propel them in their careers,” Dr. Mandler said.

Sarika Gupta PharmD’14, said the program set her up for success in her job at Allergan by providing diverse experiences in the industry.

“The program has a little bit of everything: Intensive teaching experience, longitudinal research project, clinical rotation, various presentation opportunities as well as extensive pharmaceutical industry experience,” said Gupta who completed the Medical Information Fellowship at Janssen in 2016. “Choosing this fellowship program was the best career decision that I made.”

Cristina Romeo

Cristina Romeo PharmD

Cristina Romeo PharmD, who completed the Medical Information Fellowship at Janssen in the spring, landed a job as an interventional oncology medical science liaison at BTG, a pharmaceutical company located in Conshohocken.

“I don’t think I would have been able to secure this role without the fellowship,” said Dr.Romeo. “My postdoctoral training allowed my dream to become a medical science liaison to become a reality!”

In addition to their positions at McNeil, Janssen, and Johnson & Johnson, the fellows also serve as clinical instructors in pharmacy practice and participate in a one-year comprehensive teaching certificate training program.

The success of the program, which began in 2007, is apparent in the growing number of applicants and programs. This year the number of fellowships will grow from five to eight with the new program in regulatory affairs at Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc.

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