From Pool to Play: ARC Renovation Will Provide New Recreational Space for Students

By Jenna Pizzi

arc1After years of planning, the conversion of the former pool space in the Athletic/Recreation Center (ARC) is becoming a reality. With several tons of concrete fill and months of work, the former pool area is transforming into multipurpose recreational space for students starting this fall.

Crews have been busy transforming the area to the rear of the ARC for the past several months and the new facility is on target open in October.

The 6,340-square foot room will allow students the space to play basketball, volleyball, badminton, or a host of other recreational activities.

The design team for the project worked with representatives from campus recreation, facilities, student life, and the student body to determine the best future use for the former pool area.

“I was not at USciences for the early on planning of the space a few years ago;  however, the consensus was to make it a truly multi-purpose recreational space, primarily for the students to use for pick up or intramural games,” said William Kerr Gracie, capital project manager for the University.

arcThe room is also equipped with an audio/visual system and large HD projector screen for concerts, movies, or events.

“For things like the summer Olympics, March Madness, or the Super Bowl, this renovated space could now accommodate a few hundred students for an event,” said Gracie.

There will also be a lounge area inside with couches and tables, and the room will be a second entrance to the ARC. Outside, tables and chairs, much like those outside other campus buildings, will be set up to allow for extra space for students to spend time.

“Ultimately, we believe that this space will be a better fit for our students and more widely used then the pool was,” said Gracie, adding the decision to convert the room was made after a campus survey revealed an overwhelming response from students that they would rather have additional recreation space.

Wilson Dining Hall Updatearc3

This summer, construction crews have also been working on the second phase of the Wilson Dining Hall project which improves the auxiliary services function to better serve students, while also making modest renovations to the faculty dining room.  

A temporary wall is in place during construction so that the dining hall can continue to be used by students and staff.

Footings are in place for the new outdoor patio and ADA-accessible ramp that will provide access and outdoor dining space. Inside, walls will go up to separate the space into the dining area, student services offices, and storage for facilities and food services.

The construction is ongoing and is expected to be completed in August.

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