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From Dancer to Doctor: Chynna Dulac DPT’16 found her dream job working as a physical therapist for a touring Broadway show

By Jenna Pizzi

Chynna DulacWhile many students who graduated from University of the Sciences on May 25, 2016 with their doctorate in physical therapy will be headed to clinics, hospitals, or private practice to begin their careers, Chynna Dulac DPT ’16 will be headed on tour.

Rather than take a traditional track, Dr. Dulac will travel with NeuroTour Physical Therapy, a company that specializes in providing physical therapy services to national and international theatrical productions, concert tours, and film productions.

Dr. Dulac said she has a special connection to working with dancers, actors, and artists because of her background as a dancer on stage and screen. Before deciding on USciences and her career as a physical therapist, Dr. Dulac earned dancing roles in the remake of the movie “Footloose” and was the dance double for the lead character in the Wayans Brothers’ movie “Dance Flick.”

“I danced from when I was 3 years old,” Dr. Dulac said. “Then I just thought, realistically, I could get injured tomorrow and that is it.”

Dr. Dulac said it was a difficult decision to end her career as a dancer and transition into a career as a physical therapist, but the promise of working in dance medicine makes it much easier.

“I didn’t even know that this was an outlet when I first started, but after a clinical rotation working in New York City, I knew that this is what I wanted to do,” she said.

Dr. Dulac credits her professors and advisors at USciences for helping her find her niche in the industry.

“University of the Sciences is a great place for getting a great education and I think that the small, private school environment is important for getting that one-on-one attention,” said Dr. Dulac, who enrolled in USciences for her professional degree after completing her undergraduate studies at Auburn University in her native Alabama.

Dr. Dulac will be based in Georgia before going out on tour with a production. Although she hasn’t been told which show she will be placed with, Dr. Dulac said NeuroTour works with some of the biggest shows including “The Lion King,” “Wicked,” and “Sister Act.”

“It is fun and really gratifying to watch them perform on stage knowing that I helped make that possible,” she said.

After a stint working with shows touring within the United States, Dr. Dulac said she will have the opportunity to go abroad with the dancers for artists like Beyoncé, Pink, and Lady Gaga as they travel for international performances.

“I’m so lucky because now I get to do what I love yet not have to worry about breaking my ankle,” she said.

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