Celebrating Employee Service at USciences

By Brian Kirschner

employee reception

Left to right: Director of Human Resources Michael Janes, Remington Professor of Pharmacy Daniel A. Hussar P’62, MS’64, PhD’67, Interim Provost Peter Miller, PhD, and Director of Alumni Relations Casey Ryan. 

The USciences community came together for the annual celebration of employee service on Thursday, June 2, 2016. In addition to honoring employees with five or more years of service, University interim provost Dr. Peter Miller presented the President’s Special Achievement Award to Pat McNelly, assistant director of alumni relations.

“For years, Patricia McNelly has been instrumental in the operations of many successful alumni programs,” Daniel A. Hussar P’62, MS’64, PhD’67 read from the nomination form. “Pat not only ensures that our alumni relations department functions effectively, but does so with the highest level of quality and efficiency that have ever seen in any staff member. Alumni appreciate her superb commitment by naming her as an honorary alumna in 2008. Everything she does in her role is to support alumni.”

The President’s Special Achievement Award is given to an employee for his or her outstanding work performance and achievement during the current academic year.

McNelly, who started at the University in 1988 as a receptionist in Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, manages many aspects alumni relations, including the alumni board of directors, department archivist/historian, compiles class notes, assists in coordinating many alumni events, and personally assist, speaks with, and services hundreds of alumni each year.

5 Years of Service

Andrew S. Armitage, MBA (Academic Affairs)
Roseanna C. Baker (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Peter B. Berget, PhD (Biological Sciences)
Augustine J. DiStefano, Jr., BS (Enrollment Management)
Wendy W. Fox, MOT (Occupational Therapy)
Colleen M. Hoag, BS (Enrollment Management)
Amalia M. Issa, PhD (Health Policy)
Ericka D. Johnson (Academic Affairs)
Zephaniah W. W. Jones (Public Safety)
Colleen M. Maher, OTD (Occupational Therapy)
Rosalyn McDuffie, AA (Institutional Advancement)
Amy L. McLaughlin, BA (Pharmacy)
Karleen T. Melody, PharmD (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Richard T. Minoff, MBA (Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business)
Mark H. Nestor, EdD (Academic Affairs)
Shelley H. Otsuka, PharmD (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Colleen M. Snyder, BA (Finance and Administration)
Monica L. Vance, MS (Student Accommodations)
Shawn N. Varrecchia, DPT (Physical Therapy)
Kareem D. Walker, AA (Facilities Services)
Christopher R. Wieman, MS (Information Science)
Stephanie L. Williams (Public Safety)
Dana A. Zambito, PhD (Biological Sciences)

10 Years of Service

Rochelle J. Belt (Controller's Office)
Marc Campolo, PT, PhD (Physical Therapy)
Elia V. Eschenazi, PhD (Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics)
Beverly J. Harrell (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Cassandra S. Jefferson, MS (Graduate Education)
Cheymony S. Jordan
Nancy M. Kelly, BS (Controller's Office)
Erika M. Lohbauer (Office of the President)
Anne M. McMahon, BA (Finance and Administration)
Steven H. Neau, PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Walter W. Perry, EdD (Multicultural Affairs)
Wendell A. Sancho (Facilities Services)
Sondra A. Schultz (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Jeffrey K. Terrell (Facilities Services)
Marie J. Thomas, MSM (Financial Aid)
Tyan F. Thomas, PhD (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Shannon Watts (Controller's Office)
Acy C. Wynn (Facilities Services)

15 Years of Service

Michelle E. Cohen, PhD (Dean of Health Sciences)
Grace L. Earl, PharmD (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Sharon A. Green (Information Science)
Carol A. Maritz, PH, EdD (Physical Therapy)
Barbara A. McCauley (Controller's Office)
Patricia A. Notarfrancesco (Dean of Mayes College)
Kim E. Robson, MM (Humanities)
Steven L. Sheaffer, PharmD (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Matthew C. Sloane (Facilities Services)

20 Years of Service

Salar Y. Alsardary, PhD (Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics)
Barbara B. Bendl, MEd (Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics)
Michael J. Cawley, PharmD (Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration)
Louis M. D’Alonzo
Susan L. O’Kane (Financial Aid)
Susanne M. Striano (Information Technology)

25 Years of Service

Joyce Hagans (Facilities Services)
Rosemary C. Toland (Human Resources)

30 Years of Service

Ellen R. Carlson (Registrar's Office)
Anil P. D’Mello, PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Durrell Griffin (Facilities Services)
Margaret A. Reinhart, MS (Biological Sciences)

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