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Amina Abubakar PharmD'05 Presented with Young Alumnus Award at USciences’ Alumni Reunion

By Brian Kirschner

Amina Abubakar PharmD’05

Amina Abubakar PharmD’05 was presented with the Young Alumnus Award at University of the Sciences’ Alumni Reunion on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016.

Owner and operator of an independent pharmacy, Rx Clinic Pharmacy, in Charlotte, NC, Amina Abubakar PharmD’05 was presented with the Young Alumnus Award at University of the Sciences’ Alumni Reunion on Saturday, Nov. 5. The award is presented to an individual under the age of 40 who has graduated from USciences within the last 15 years, and has contributed in an outstanding fashion to his or her profession, science, and/or mankind.

In addition to her pharmacy, Abubakar is a clinical pharmacist and a board certified HIV pharmacist. She is preceptor for UNC Chapel Hill and Wingate School of Pharmacy for pharmacist residents and students. She has fostered an environment that showcases the significance of community pharmacist by collaborating with other healthcare providers and expanding pharmacist led clinical services in her community.

Currently, Abubakar shares her passion for pharmacy advancements with pharmacists, patients, and policy makers all over the country through pharmacogenomics. She was invited to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and to the FDA to discuss the Rxight™ pharmacogenetic program, which she has been involved in creating with MD labs, in support of President Obama’s precision medicine initiative. She serves as a leader for the Pharmacogentics Center of Excellence (PGxCE), a nonprofit committed to advancing pharmacists’ role in pharmacogenomics.

Abubakar, who is a native of Kenya, resides in Charlotte, enjoys traveling with her husband, scuba diving, and serving a nonprofit organization called Safari doctors.

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