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Advocating Senior Care in the Community

By Brian Kirschner

student with patientCommunity outreach programs are a vital component to the well-being of a community as well as the organization providing the service. On March 22, 2016, 19 student members of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) PCP chapter attended an annual event at Star Harbor Senior Community Center on Springfield Avenue near campus. ASCP’s main goal nationally and at University of the Sciences is to improve the lives of seniors. The annual Star Harbor Senior Center visit is an effective way to reach that goal by educating senior citizens on the importance of health and well-being.

“Attending Star Harbor each year allows me to utilize the communication skills that I have learned in the classroom and apply them by providing education to the seniors in our own community,” stated Amisha Patel PharmD’17. “In addition, I think that this is a great way to build relationships and trust with senior citizens, a large population of individuals who we will all encounter as healthcare professionals on a daily basis.”

During the event, pharmacy bingo is played with terms to enhance and reinforce the seniors’ knowledge of good hygiene and proper management of self care. Prizes included medicine cups and pill boxes to reinforce to the senior citizens to never forget taking important medications. To wrap up the event, the pharmacy students worked with the senior members on an arts and crafts activity to enhance medication adherence. Medicine vials were decorated with bright catchy phrases and the pharmacy students encouraged the seniors to place the vial in a special place in their home to remember to take their medications.

ASCP is always looking for new ways to reach out to the community and accepts new pharmacy students into their chapter. For information on how students can get involved in this annual activity or other geriatrics based events, please contact ASCP president Vivek Shah PharmD’17 at or advisor Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Laura Finn P'84, at

ASCP elections are being planned for spring and PCP ASCP students are already working with the University of Maryland ASCP chapter to plan student events at the ASCP Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference on August 6 in Alexandria, VA. Additional information is at

group of students

Front row, left to right: Katyln Spivak PharmD'18, Dorothy Krzyworzeka PharmD'18, Jay Patel PharmD'18, Romy Shah PharmD'19, Samantha Phillips PharmD'17, Angela Krutsick PharmD'17, Vivek Shah PharmD'17, Kenneth Paulish PharmD'17.Row 2, left to right: Anokhi Shah PharmD'19, Marilyn Abraham PharmD'19, Victoria Drews PharmD'18, Amisha Patel PharmD'17, Christina Ly PharmD'17, Brandon Nguyen-Phan PharmD'17. Row 3, left to right: Vick Patel PharmD'19 and Lauren Atkinson PharmD'17. Back row, left to right: Sonia Jacob PharmD'17 and Sidra Kazmi PharmD'19.

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