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2015-16 Faculty Awards

By Brian Kirschner

Faculty achievers were celebrated at the annual faculty luncheon on June 9, 2016. Some of the awards had been previously announced at events throughout the academic year. Congratulations to all of the recipients.

Adjunct Award

Are nominated by students and faculty. In all cases the winners were nominated for going the extra mile to teach and being extra available for their students. Their enthusiasm inspired the students to learn and be motived in their future careers. Each of them serves as role models for the students. The deans select one winner per college.

  • Mark Campbell (Samson College)
  • Laura Finn (Philadelphia College of Pharmacy)
  • Janina Levin (Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy)
  • John A. Muccitelli (Misher College of Arts and Sciences)

Bright Idea Award

Initiated to encourage more faculty, and especially newer faculty, to present their innovative teaching ideas at the annual teaching and learning poster day, and to submit an abstract for the center's annual edition of document of innovations or learning centered teaching practices.

  • Karleen Melody, PharmD, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy, and Henry M. Schwartz P’70, PharmD, director of community pharmacy practice experiences—Redesign of a First Professional Year Pharmacy Experiential Education Course.
  • Roberto Ramos, PhD, associate professor of physics—Student Responses to Innovative Flipped Physics Classes with Built-In Post-Video Feedback Quizzes

Patricia Leahy Award For Learning Innovation

Given to recognize faculty who are implementing large scale innovations, or ones with great impact. These have become publishable works of scholarship for teaching and learning.

  • Kimberly Ward, PT, DPT, PCS, MPH, assistant professor of physical therapy
  • Diane Hadley, PharmD, assistant professor clinical pharmacy
  • Sanchita Sen, PharmD, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy
  • Valerie Ganetsky, PharmD, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy
  • Joan Ward, MS, chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies
  • Supriya Sen, OTD, MS, assistant professor of occupational therapy

The Faculty Advisor of the Year Award 

Many of the faculty serve as academic advisors to USciences students and advising and mentoring our students are critical to the success, satisfaction, and retention of our students.

  • Margaret Reinhart, MT, MMa, MS, director of the medical laboratory science program

Lindback Award

The Lindback award for excellence in teaching is presented to a faculty member at commencement. Students nominate faculty members for this prestigious award, and former winners of the award select the honoree. 

  • Grace Farber, PhD, assistant professor of biological sciences

Faculty Special Recognition Award

The faculty special recognition award was established to annually honor a faculty member who made truly outstanding contributions to the university. Eligible faculty members are those who are rated to “exceed expectations” in their annual evaluation and one faculty member has been selected to be awarded today by the department chairs and deans.

  • Angela Bingham, PharmD, assistant professor clinical pharmacy

The Homiller Award 

The Homiller award is unique among the honors the university can bestow upon a faculty member because it is a peer-determined selection.  Candidates are nominated following an open call to the faculty for nominations. Final selection is made by a special committee of faculty senate's executive committee.

  • Jessica Sautter, PhD, assistant professor of medical sociology

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