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USciences students, faculty, and alumni “DO AC” at New Jersey Pharmacists Association 145th Annual Convention

By Lauren Whetzel-Siburkis

students and faculty at convention

Left to right: Moriah Weissman PharmD’09, Dipal Patel PharmD’17, Kaitlyn Harper PharmD’17, Alexander Micale PharmD’16, Joe Roselli PharmD’16, Michael Barnett PharmD’07, and Edward Curtin P’83, RPh. 

Atlantic City is known for its game of chance. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy was represented by four doctor of pharmacy students who tried their luck in the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) Self-Care Championship. Kaitlyn Harper PharmD’17, Dipal Patel PharmD’17, Alexander Micale PharmD’16, and Joe Roselli PharmD’16 competed against teams from Temple University, Long Island University, and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Harper is also the student liaison for the PCP NJPhA student group on campus, and completed a rotation at the NJPhA offices working with NJPhA CEO Elise Barry. Grace Earl P’86, PharmD’92, the faculty advisor, served as a competition judge. The students were congratulated by Moriah Weissman PharmD’08, Ed Curtin P’82, and Michael Barnett PharmD’07.

At the forefront of the organization was NJPhA president Moriah Weissman PharmD’09 who completed her reign as president of NJPhA for 2014-15. At the awards installation, it was noted that Weissman was also the youngest person to serve as president. She was congratulated by Steve Zlotnick P’77. Timothy Nguyen PharmD’02, the Long Island University faculty advisor for the student chapter, was on hand as the LIU student chapter received the student award for involvement in NJPhA activities.

group photo

Left to right: Kaitlyn Harper PharmD’17, Dipal Patel PharmD’17, and Grace Earl, P’86, PharmD’92

NJPhA offered certificate programs in medication therapy management and consulting pharmacy. There were also continuing education programs on acute coronary syndrome and medication error prevention. There was a full day of student programming. A new session was “Practical Politics and Pharmacy” delivered by Loretta Brickman, RPh, and Harold Bobrow, RPh. The Networking Roundtable sessions were repeated this year and were a big success.

Stacy Rosemarin P’83 was thrilled to connect with 20 alumni who attended the event. Recent grads included Dan Barbieri PharmD’12 of Sanofi and Dan Boulos PharmD’15 who is completing a Rutgers pharmaceutical industry fellowship. Hank Schwartz P’70, PharmD, director of community pharmacy practice experience, got a chance to catch up with with Alan Aronovitz P’82 and Edward Curtin P’82.

group photo

Left to right: Alan Aronovitz P82, RPh, CCP, and Hank Schwartz P’70, PharmD

List of PCP alumni

Steve Brickman P’63, RPh
Retired, Medical Reserves Corp

Edward Curtin P’83, RPh
President, Pharma-Care, Inc.

Alan Aronovitz P82, RPh, CCP|
NJPhA Regional First Vice President and Secretary

Michael Barnett PharmD’07
CVS Pharmacy

Marcin Cebula PharmD’13
Consulting Pharmacist

group photo

Dipal Patel PharmD’17 (left) and the Long Island University team

Dan Barbieri PharmD’12
Sanofi, Senior Pharmacy Account Specialist

Dan Boulos PharmD’15
Rutgers Pharmacy Industry Fellow, at Bristol-Myers-Squibb

Timothy Nguyen, PharmD’02
Associate Professor of Pharmacy, Long Island University

Moriah Weissman PharmD’09 (outgoing president of NJPhA 2014-5)
Global Associate Director Oncology MSL & Medical Information

Steve Zlotnick P’77, PharmD, CCP
Adjunct Clinical Professor

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