University of the Sciences unveiled a bold marketing campaign on billboards, public transit, and local television and radio stations. Featuring a new theme, “Proven Everywhere,” the campaign reflects USciences’ emphasis on providing students with transformative experiences that prepare them for successful careers in healthcare and science.

The ads—featuring current USciences students—speak to the hands-on research, realworld learning, and classroom preparedness that propel USciences students into rewarding careers in the science and healthcare fields.

“With the rising cost of college, today’s high school studentsand their parents are looking for successful outcomes,” said MARVIN SAMSON HonAlm’96, interim president of USciences. “They want to know that the result of the college education is worth the investment.”

For nearly 200 years, USciences has molded, forged, and prepared students to be healthcare and science leaders and respected practitioners. The success of the University’s experiential approach to learning is evident in every graduate who has walked its campus.

“This campaign embraces that very fact,” said Samson. “Whether they’re in clinics, labs, or classrooms, USciences graduates are proven assets everywhere they go." USciences rolled out the campaign with radio commercials, targeted TV spots on Comcast, public transit ads, and billboards. The commercial is airing on Channel One News in high schools across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

For more information about this campaign, click here or follow the hashtag #ProvenEverywhere on social media.