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USciences' Chemistry, Biochemistry Programs Deemed High Quality by Professional Organizations

By Lauren Whetzel Siburkis

Recognizing the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry’s goal of preparing University of the Sciences students for diverse futures in chemical sciences, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) has issued full accreditation to the University’s undergraduate biochemistry program.
“We are one of only 38 nationally-accredited biochemistry programs, directly alongside highly-ranked programs at larger institutions, such as Penn State, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Northeastern, and Oregon State,” said Voki Pophristic, PhD, chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at USciences.
USciences’ biochemistry program was rated on factors including student participation in research, research laboratory facilities, faculty scholarship, and educational goals. ASBMB’s full seven-year accreditation recognizes USciences’ biochemistry program as meeting the organization’s advanced requirements and attests to the value of a USciences education.
Of the ASBMB-approved programs across the nation, USciences is among only four accredited programs in Pennsylvania, along with Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, and Villanova University.
According to the ASBMB, the goals of its accreditation program are to provide:
  • A national, outcomes-based mechanism by which students receiving a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or molecular biology–or closely-related majors–are given an opportunity to have their degree accredited by the ASBMB.
  • A vehicle for recognizing undergraduate programs whose features and infrastructure fulfill the agency’s expectations.
  • Access to an independently-constructed and scored instrument for assessing student achievement and program effectiveness.
And this isn’t the only exciting news out of the Department this summer.
The chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry undergraduate programs have been certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS)—a national scientific society that monitors and accredits more than 600 academic chemistry departments in the United States.
USciences’ ACS-approved curriculum ensures that chemistry students are completing the minimum curricular requirements that ACS considers necessary to be a qualified BS chemist. Furthermore, ACS certification confirms that USciences provides students with the intellectual, experimental, and communication skills needed to succeed as science professionals.
“Our ACS-certified programs will most likely provide advantages to students seeking internship and employment opportunities,” said Dr. Pophristic. “Many future employers, graduate and medical schools, and other professional agencies view ACS-approved programs as rigorous programs that prepare students for the workforce and further education.”

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