Summer Renovations Aim to Enhance Student Experience at USciences

By Lauren Whetzel-Siburkis

renoSummer renovations on University of the Sciences' campus in 2015 are vast and varied, ranging from the construction of new research and learning spaces to replacing signage across campus and upgrading common areas like Wilson Dining Hall. But they are tied together by one common thread: enhancing the overall student experience.

One of the larger projects underway this summer includes transforming vacant space on the first and second floors of the Integrated Professional Education Complex (IPEX) into high-tech learning environments, such as a new classroom suited to fit more than 80 students. These projects will benefit the physical and occupational therapy departments.

reno“This state-of-the-art technology will complement the new spaces our academic programs will be able to use in the fall to enhance instruction and support our growing enrollment numbers,” said Dan Severino, director of facilities services at USciences. 

The University has also started revamping laboratories in Griffith Hall as well as the Pharmacology/Toxicology Center and McNeil Graduate Study and Research Center, as the first part of a $9 million laboratory renovation plan. Examples of these projects include improving laboratory casework, installing safety showers, and upgrading electrical systems. The lab renovations complement the University’s Campus Master Plan that is readily being completed.

woodland sign“This renovation project is a prime example of how we are fulfilling our vision as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented university," said Peter Berget, PhD, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at USciences. "These renovations will allow us to continue to provide our students with a topnotch education by offering them hands-on research opportunities early in their undergraduate studies.”

When students arrive on campus this fall, Severino said they can also expect to see new furniture across campus and a stage in Wilson Dining Hall to support small campus performances. Severino’s team is working to complete a variety of other summer maintenance projects, including:

  • Replacing current overhead lighting in the ARC with new LED-lighting that will reduce annual energy and maintenance costs by at least $13,000.
  • Installing new roofs on the Samson College of Health Sciences—Woodland 4500 building and Rosenberger Hall.
  • Upgrading the ceilings and lighting in select labs and common spaces across campus. The Griffith Hall 230 lab and second-floor lounge in the Pharm/Tox Center have already received the first wave of new finishes.

“It’s a short amount of time, but our facilities staff and contractors are accustomed to the time constraints and eager to make improvements across campus,” said Severino. “Our goal is to create and maintain a campus that reflects the first class education our faculty and staff provides; we want our community to feel a sense of pride as they walk through our buildings each day.”

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