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PA Student Says She Has 'Vast World of Medicine at Her Fingertips' at USciences

By Lauren Whetzel-Siburkis

Emily StrittmatterThe first time Emily Strittmatter PA’17 stepped foot onto campus at University of the Sciences, she sensed a strong passion for science and healthcare education. And for that reason, she enrolled in its graduate professional physician assistant studies program because she was confident that USciences would prepare her for a bright future in the healthcare industry.

“The new facilities, like the IPEX, are just one of many ways USciences has demonstrated its commitment to providing an excellent education to future healthcare providers,” said Strittmatter. “With dedicated faculty, personalized attention to students, and state-of-the-art interprofessional learning facilities, it is beyond question that USciences has invested in the success of its students.”

Acceptance into the University’s graduate professional physician assistant studies program —or any physician assistant program for that matter— was no small feat, said Strittmatter. These programs are becoming increasingly competitive since physician assistants are playing a pivotal role in the healthcare system. For instance, more than 750 applications were submitted for entry into USciences’ graduate physician assistant studies program for the 2014-15 school year; only 40 students were accepted.

Strittmatter particularly likes that USciences has a three-year graduate program because it allows her and her classmates to spend three full semesters in the classroom, and then dedicate the remaining three semesters to clinical rotations. She said a longer program will allow her to complete more rotations, including two full elective rotations in areas such as dermatology, plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and orthopedics.

Emily Strittmatter“And with summers off, there is plenty of time for me to shadow, study and explore specialties that I am considering for my career,” Strittmatter said. “This time is valuable because it gives me ample time to make an informed and educated decision regarding my future career path.”

Because she earned a BS in biology from a small, liberal arts institution, Susquehanna University—Strittmatter said she appreciates USciences’ small campus feel in a big city.

“Every day, I feel the personal touch of a small school, but at the same time I have the vast world of medicine at my fingertips,” she said. “After I graduate, I will strive to make USciences’ name proud out in the workforce because I hope to be able to make as strong of an impression for the University as it has made a strong impression on me.”


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