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Mayes Prof Held 3-Day Business Course in South Korea

By Lauren Whetzel-Siburkis

As a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, USciences business professor Richard Minoff recently had the opportunity to travel to Chung-Ang University in South Korea to deliver a three-day certificate program,"Pharmaceutical Marketing and Lifecycle Management Best Practices".prof giving lecture

“Given my expertise, particularly launch experience with billionaire blockbuster drugs, I was invited to share my knowledge with students in the master of pharmacy program at Chung-Ang, as well as many Korean-based pharma marketers,” said Minoff, who was instrumental in launching more than 75 brands, such as Diovan, Glivec, Neoral, Avastin, and Herceptin.

Held on July 23-25, Minoff’s presentation included a variety of sessions that focused on different aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • The Global Pharma Industry: A Perspective on the Future and its Critical Challenges and Key Considerations
  • Commercialization: Portfolio Assessment, Development and Management
  • Pharma Lifecycle Planning: Best Practices With a Focus on Development vs. Commercial Lifecycle Planning
  • Lifecycle Team Management: Leading Teams and Affiliates Through Key Decision Points and Triggers
  • Strategic Launch Planning: Preparing the Brand, the Market and the Company via Launch Readiness Best Practices
  • Brand Strategy Development: A Pragmatic 'Line-of-Sight' Model
  • Brand Development: Positioning, Branding and Messaging Best Practices (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Strategic Pricing Considerations, Challenges & Decisions
  • Brand Revitalization: Managing the Brand Though Maturity
  • Loss of Exclusivity: Best Practices for Preparing Early to Maximize Brand Decline and Market Exit

With his impressive background in corporate pharma marketing management, Minoff positions business students for professional success by providing them with practical learning experiences. He is currently the director of the undergraduate pharmaceutical and healthcare business program at USciences.

USciences recently celebrated a new memo of understanding (MOU) with Chung-Ang University, establishing a student and faculty exchange. Dr. Dong Su, representing Chung-Ang, joined USciences Interim President Dr. Kathleen R. Mayes and the deans on Tuesday, Aug. 4 for a small reception on campus. The South Korean government has made a commitment to developing its own pharmaceutical business, and as such has identified Chung-Ang as one of its lead universities; which, in turn, chose USciences to be its partner. 

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