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Alumna Says USciences Prepared Her for a Successful Career in Pharmaceutical Sciences

By Lauren Whetzel-Siburkis

StephanieChillasPharmaceutical scientist Stephanie Chillas PhSci'11 encourages undergraduate students at University of the Sciences to use their training and education to make advances in science and healthcare research. Chillas returned to the University as a keynote speaker at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ second annual Student Recognition Ceremony on Oct. 2.

During her time at USciences, Chillas worked on various independent research projects under the guidance of her faculty mentors Drs. Steven Neau and Clyde Ofner, both professors in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

As an undergrad student at USciences, Chillas was exposed to state-of-the-art lab equipment and had the opportunity  to establish a suitable water soluble hydrazide in order to determine the extinction coefficient in p-nitrobenzaldehyde, assess the linear relationship between absorbance and hydrazide concentration, perform p-nitrobenzaldehyde assays with ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, synthesize prodrugs, and complete high performance liquid chromatography analyses.

Chillas said the practical lab experience she gained at USciences undoubtedly set her up to succeed as a graduate student at the University of Toledo—where she completed her MS in pharmaceutical sciences in 2013.

She has since returned to Philadelphia and has worked as a formulator at Lannett Company for the past two years. In this role, she is responsible for formulating generic drugs, overseeing the drug development from concept to FDA submission, and creating suitable formulation for economical manufacturing of pertinent pharmaceutical drugs.

Aside from her lab experience at USciences, Chillas was also involved in clubs and academic organizations, such as the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Executive Board of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Club, and the Help Hope Humanity Alternate Spring Break—where she served a homeless community in New York City. 

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