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2015 Student Leadership Award Honorees

By Brian Kirschner

Each year, the annual Student Leadership Awards recognize student organizations and leaders for their accomplishments during academic year. This year, the award ceremony on April 16, 2015, again shined the light on a dedicated group of students, organizations, and their advisors. For more on the Student Leadership Awards, sponsored by Student Life, click here.

Emerging Leader of the Year: Bilal Ahmed Khan BMS'17
Synergy Award: Priyanka Kelshikar PharmD'16 - USciences Olympics
Student Leader of the Year: Taylor Jones PharmD'17
Diversity Program of the Year: Dynamics of Diversity Forum (BSU)
Student Organization of the Year: Graduate Student Organization 
Outstanding Advisor of the Year: Scott Greene P'92
Martin Luther King, Jr., Award: Cameron Golden PharmD'18
Dean's Award: Amanda Mastrogiovanni PharmD'16
Student Government President's Award: Priyanka Kelshikar PharmD'16
RAs of the year: Samantha Knott MB'16 and Sean Ahern PharmD'19

G.R.E.E.K. Initiative Awards

Greek Community Award: Sigma Psi Zeta
Community Relations Award: Alpha Phi Omega
Chapter Health & Development Award: Kappa Phi Gamma
Campus Relations Award: Omega Chi Psi
Service & Philanthropy Award: Alpha Sigma Tau
Greek Academic Excellence Award: Delta Phi Epsilon, Sigma Beta Rho, Phi Delta Chi

Greek Individual Awards

Greek New Members of the Year Award: Mike Nocito PharmD'19 (Delta Chi), Kaitlin Smith PH/TX'17 (Alpha Sigma Tau), Keren Poulose HS'15 (Kappa Phi Gamma)
Greek Advisor of the Year Award: Dr. Samuel Talcott and Dr. Alice Lim (Omega Chi Psi co-advisors)
Greek Leaders of the Year Award: Krissy Conery DPT'18 (Delta Phi Epsilon) and Skye Kim MB'15 (Omega Chi Psi)

Greek Organization Awards

Greek Event of the Year Award: COMBAT, Sigma Psi Zeta
Greek Organization of the Year Award: Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority

In a departure from past years, athletics held their awards as a standalone event. For more on those honored by athletics, including athletes of the year award presented to Brianne Traub PharmD'17 and Garret Kerr DPT'17, visit

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