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2015 Donor Dash

By Brian Kirschner

group of donorsWhat do you do at the first sign of spring? WALK! A group of students from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy joined the Hahnemann University Hospital team to participate in the 20th Annual Donor Dash.

The students who participated answered the announcements given in PA244 Introduction to Pharmacy & Health Care. Several students in the course participated as well as other friends. The students were: Chris Dorian PharmD'19, student leader; Melissa Nguyen PharmD'19; Aishani Patel PharmD'19; Leena Pang PharmD'19; Ami Shah PharmD'19; Gina Yi PharmD'19; Aakash Gandhi PharmD'17; and Darshan Patel PharmD'20.

The students met Dr. Grace Earl, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy, and traveled to the event held at the Eakins Oval at the Art Museum. Dr. Grace Earl has a practice site at the Center for Advanced Heart Failure Care at Hahnemann University Hospital. She introduced the students to Desiree Morasco, RN, manager of the Center for Advanced Heart Failure Care at Hahnemann; Janet Lovely, quality improvement specialist at Hahnemann; James Bullard, president of the Second Chance Transplant Support Group; and Melissa Coleman, physician liaison for transplant at Hahnemann. The students were helpful in supporting the Hahnemann team by joining the group for the walk and also were part of the team picture.

You can learn more about Donor Dash and supporting patients who have had a transplant at

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