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USciences to Host Science Olympiad "Build It, Study It, Learn It" Day on Dec. 13

By Lauren Whetzel Siburkis

University of the Sciences will again host the Philadelphia Urban Schools Initiative’s Science Olympiad "Build It, Study It, Learn It" Day on its campus in University City on Saturday, Dec. 13, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Media coverage is invited.
Throughout the day, more than 100 high school and middle school students and their teachers/coaches will rely on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to learn how to build vehicles that can scream down a track and stop on a dime, or identify possible perpetrators by analyzing unknown solids and liquids gathered at a hypothetical crime scene. These skills, along with other learned during 18 other events – will help prepare students for a city wide competition to be held in March of 2015.
Science Olympiad provides a critical first exposure to cutting-edge science in the form of hands-on, interactive projects. The Urban Schools Initiative has doubled in size since it began in Philadelphia just last year.
“One of the best aspects of the ‘Build It, Study It, Learn It Day’ is the peer-to-peer learning that takes place,” says K. Scott Leggett, coordinator of the Urban Schools Initiative for Pennsylvania Science Olympiad. “Some of the region’s most successful competitors come and share their tips, tricks and insights with the newest Science Olympiad members. It’s wonderful to see kids excited about the STEM sciences. There’s something extra special about learning about science from your peers in a fun environment.”
“University of the Sciences recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for improving science skills for middle and high school students in Philadelphia and is proud to host Philadelphia Urban Schools Initiative’s Science Olympiad,” says Peter Nacy, interim associate vice president of enrollment management at University
of the Sciences.
As of today, nine Philadelphia high schools and six middle schools have signed up for the Science Olympiad Urban Initiative program in Philadelphia and will be training to compete next March.

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