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USciences 'Provided More than Just a PharmD' for Recent Grad

By Lauren Whetzel-Siburkis

DaphneRecent graduate Daphne Torre PharmD'14 submitted this article regarding her experience as a student of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences:

Over the past six years, I was fortunate to be a part of the Department of Campus Recreation at the Athletic Recreation Center (ARC) while completing my doctor of pharmacy degree at University of the Sciences. After serving in various ARC roles, ranging from a lifeguard and desk attendant to becoming a student manager of the facility, I learned valuable life lessons that will benefit me in my pharmacy career.

Not only did I strengthen my managerial skill set, but I also learned the importance of being patient, supportive, and reliable. Patience and support go hand-in-hand with one another, especially in leadership roles, such as a pharmacist. As a pharmacist, patient engagement is crucial to ensure patients understand their medications and adhere to their regimes. That means a pharmacist must be able to communicate and empathize with their patients in order to build relationships with them.

During my time at USciences, I have learned that by being patient with others, you become more open and understanding to new ideas. The different situations for which I faced at the ARC taught me the importance of patience and understanding, which has definitely molded me into a stronger leader.

The best personal asset I gained at USciences was mentorship. Over the past six years, many students came to me with questions regarding school, career choices, and even personal matters. I never thought much of that until I realized the extent to which people valued my opinion. This is the greatest reward I could have ever received, and I will carry these traits with me into my role in the pharmacy industry.

I cannot even begin to put into words what my college experience has done for my personal and career growth. I have been beyond blessed with amazing faculty and staff who have guided me through difficult situations pertaining to the ARC, pharmacy school, and personal matters.

As an alumna of USciences, I am so proud to say that I graduated from a top pharmacy school and landed great career in the pharmaceutical industry in San Francisco. People can argue that leadership comes from the determination that a person has to enable them to succeed; but I disagree. Leadership not only stems from a person’s motivation, but also from the people surrounding them guiding them towards success. I am forever grateful for my time at University of the Sciences; for I am the sum of my experiences.

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