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Medical Laboratory Science Student Turns Internship into Full-Time Job

By Lauren Whetzel-Siburkis

Stephanie NoblitMedical laboratory professionals are the behind-the-scenes backbone of healthcare, which is perfectly fine for Stephanie Noblit MT’14, a University of the Sciences student who admittedly prefers to keep a low profile.

“Medical laboratory professionals play a crucial role in the medical field because our work aids in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases and medical conditions,” said Noblit, a fourth-year in the Medical Laboratory Science Program at USciences. “Most often, patients assume that their physicians are responsible for evaluating their lab tests and results, but that’s our job in the healthcare field.”

Noblit is one of eight students from surrounding universities who have spent the school year putting their educations to use in the laboratory of Pennsylvania Hospital. At the internship, Noblit is also joined by her fellow USciences classmate, Antonio Esparza MT’14. Upon graduating this spring and completing her internship in July, Noblit will join the hospital’s laboratory staff as a full-time employee.

During her internship, Noblit has helped a team of pathologists and medical laboratory scientists, technicians, and specialists work together to solve the mysteries, put the pieces of the puzzle together, and answer the critical questions of medicine.

“Stephanie has an understanding of the concepts that allow her to analyze and solve the real medical problems she is now encountering in her internship,” said Margaret Reinhart, director of the Medical Laboratory Science Program.

Because the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing career fields, job outlook is expected to remain positive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical laboratory positions are expected to increase by nearly 20 percent through 2016 – a rapid spike when compared to the average career growth rate.

Noblit credits her education and faculty mentorships to her success in her internship. She noted that she and Esparza were among the best prepared interns when it came time to handle the real-life scenarios they faced in the laboratory this year.

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