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A USciences Education Positions Students for Rewarding Careers … and the Ability to Repay Their Student Loans

By Brian Kirschner

A recent article that appeared on has created some interesting buzz for University of the Sciences. The article "20 Private Colleges With the Highest Student Loan Debt" lists the University with the highest student-loan debt among private schools.

Of course, no one wants to be at the head of that list, but like any list that includes data, not all is as it appears to be. One of the first things to note is that tuition at USciences before factoring in any scholarships, grants, or financial aid is $34,336 for first-year students, just above the average tuition ($31,230) for private, non-profit four-year colleges and universities ( And certainly not the most expensive in Pennsylvania (

USciences is a unique school specializing in healthcare and science fields. It’s a school that offers a wide-range of degrees in those fields with lots of benefits. One of those benefits is that USciences has a direct entry for its pharmacy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy programs that guarantees admission to the professional phase when all key criteria are met. That means these students earn doctorates - their earning capacity upon graduation is higher than bachelor’s degree graduates.

USciences students are able to pay back what they borrow. “Our current three-year default rate for fiscal year 2011 is 2.4% compared with the national average of 13.7% and Pennsylvania average of 11.6%,” said Paula Lehrberger, director of financial aid. “The three-year default rate for fiscal year 2011 for private schools is 7.0%.” 

As part of their USciences education, students get extensive hands-on experience, including the ability to conduct research as early as their first year, work in state-of-the-art equipment in over 100 labs, partake in internships and leadership opportunities, and have contact with alumni and the rest of the USciences network. The opportunities they receive for hands-on learning and experiences is a critical component that enables USciences to prepare its students for in-demand careers (including 6 of the 15 best jobs in the U.S., per U.S. News & World Report) and professional leadership.

There is no end in sight for growth in the science and healthcare fields as a result of the Affordable Care Act and the increasing needs of the aging boomers themselves. The market is demanding skilled healthcare and science professionals. At the end of the day, what USciences students pay is comparable to attend similarly structured private institutions and their return on the investment is rewarding personally and professionally.

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