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Pre-Health Professions Program - Academics

The Pre-Health Professions (Pre-Med) Program at USciences provides a focused, collaborative environment that gives you the tools, preparation, and foundation that medical, dental, veterinary, optometry, and podiatry schools seek: Successful students with a strong grounding in the sciences and mathematics, who are confident in their career path, and have a unique and compelling story to tell.

With the support of a team of faculty experts who are respected, involved members of the medical and scientific community, and small class sizes with a low 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, USciences ensures that you gain these necessary skills:

Hands-on research, as early as your first year

  • Community service
  • Leadership experience
  • Thinking and reasoning abilities
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Cultural and social competence
  • A well-rounded education

Curriculum and Coursework

Our specialized pre-med program offers a rigorous, science-based curriculum, established to provide the foundation necessary for admission tests, ensuring that you are the most competitive applicant and effective practitioner.

Pre-Med and pre-health professions program advisors work with faculty academic advisors to help you select and secure the appropriate courses to apply to schools and programs of your choice. ALL of our BS majors are excellent preparation for the health professions.


While prerequisites may vary by school or program, the general prerequisites for admission to medical and health professions schools will be covered in your program of study. They include:

  • General biology: 2 semesters with laboratory
  • General chemistry: 2 semesters with laboratory
  • Organic chemistry: 2 semesters with laboratory
  • General physics :  2 semesters with laboratory
  • Biochemistry: 1 semester
  • Behavioral and social sciences:  2 semesters
  • Writing/English: 2 semesters

Prerequisite coursework is generally taken within the first three years at USciences. You'll have flexibility to select electives, and will take courses to further prepare you for testing, application and admission. You may also choose to supplement your background with exceptional clinical courses, such as hematology, neurobiology, and immunology.

A Variety of Minors

Supplement your pre-med major by pursuing a minor in one of 20 disciplines. Choose from a variety of science, social science, or humanities minors to help provide breadth and depth of study.

Honors Program

Our innovative, interdisciplinary, and experiential Honors Program offers students the opportunity for specialized, intensive learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Take special courses and participate in research.

Pre-Health Professions Partnerships

Discover the specific pre-health paths and programs that are right for YOU. Pre-health advisors help you identify career paths and programs aligned with your personal philosophy. And we insure that you are prepared for any health profession, school, or path you choose.

We offer a variety of Pre-Health Professions partnerships that may work for you. Each of these programs has a specific entrance point and mission, so before enrolling or applying to these programs, we work together to identify which program is best for you.


Pre-Health Advising Team


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