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Research - Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics

The programs offered by the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics combine scientific theory with research practices, so that you can apply what you are learning well before graduation. Faculty and students in the department are involved in research areas as diverse as microfluidics, biomaterials, chaos and nonlinear dynamics, graph theory, statistical genetics, game theory, astrophysics, medical image processing, and algebra, ring and module theory. They have won prestigious grants and awards including a National Science Foundation grant to obtain an atomic force microscope and a Guggenheim Fellowship to study the history of dimensionality.

Student researchers:

  • Gain valuable experience in laboratory techniques, research conduct and analysis.
  • Collaborate with faculty and classmates in class and in the lab.
  • Work with commonly used hardware, software, instrumentation and techniques.

Research by students:

  • Is ideal preparation for you to continue your education in master’s and doctoral programs at USciences and elsewhere.
  • Helps develop the skill set of a working scientist while still within the nurturing University environment.
  • Imparts the tools necessary to identify problems and create solutions that will help later in your educational and professional careers.

For more about specific research projects and publications within the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics, see the USciences research page and departmental faculty pages.


Elia Eschenazi, PhD

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