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Physics Major

Physics is one of our most forward-looking undergraduate programs. This is “next-wave” physics with particular strengths in bio-medicine and nanotechnology. By its very nature, physics is a broadly interdisciplinary field, and even more so at USciences. By choosing one of six physics tracks—general physics, biophysics, medical physics, pre-med, astrophysics, and materials science—or an integrated bs/ms program, you will take advantage of incredible opportunities to collaborate with classmates and faculty in engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, and more. Our alumni are in high demand in the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry, and physics majors are in excellent position for graduate school or medical school.

Earn Your Master's in One Extra Year

Want a fast track to your master’s degree? Our 4+1 Integrated BS/MS Program in Physics allows you to earn up to 15 graduate credits during your four undergraduate years—at no extra charge.  You then complete your master’s with just one additional year of study. This saves you time and costs considerably less than a two-year MS program at another university. Plus, we’ve designed our Integrated BS/MS Program around current market demands, so you’ll be prepared for a booming career in the private sector.  

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Thanks to our unique history and wide-ranging relationships, USciences is well-positioned to leverage physics’ developing connections with biological, pharmaceutical, and health-care disciplines.
  2. The program’s forward-looking focus, from curriculum to research, reflects current trends in physics, with emphasis on such emerging areas as nanotechnology.
  3. Our tight-knit, nurturing department and faculty support you every step of the way.
  4. Tracks in biophysics, medical physics, pre-med, astrophysics, and materials science prepare you for the fastest-growing subsets of the discipline.
  5. Interdisciplinary opportunities are available throughout the University, allowing you to study and research with members of other departments.
  6. Earn your USciences MS in Physics in just one extra year through our Integrated BS/MS Program which allows qualified undergraduates to take up to 15 additional credits of graduate coursework at no extra cost.

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