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Physics Major - Curriculum & Duration

The University’s program is exceptional in offering one of the few undergraduate physics programs in the region with biophysics, medical physics, pre-med, astrophysics, and materials science tracks. These tracks provide focus to upper-level courses and offer an applied, interdisciplinary connection with current issues in industry, medicine and research.

The culmination of the physics program is a capstone senior-level research course sequence in which each student is matched with a physics faculty mentor to complete a project and develop and deliver a formal seminar presentation.

Biophysics Track

The biophysics track is perfect for students  interested in the physics of biological systems.  This track prepares students for graduate programs in biophysics, biomedical engineering, neural science as well as careers or professional degrees pertaining to the biophysics and bio-technology. This track is of the most interdisciplinary on campus. It provides a solid background in the three basic sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. To know more about biophysics visit the Biophysics Society.

Students electing the biophysics track take the general requirements, as well as additional courses in biostatistics, biology, and biochemistry.

View the Biophysics Track Curriculum

Materials Science Track

The materials science track is ideal for students interested  the growing field of nanotechnology, as well as materials on all scales.  It prepares students for a variety of graduate programs in engineering, industry, and related fields.

Students electing the materials science track take the general requirements, as well as courses in Materials Science and Solid State Physics

View the Materials Science Track Curriculum

Medical Physics Track

The medical physics track is designed for students interested in careers as a medical physicist.  With the introduction of high tech physics based technology in cancer diagnostic, therapy and research Medical Physicists are in very high demand. They have a very rewarding and very highly paid career. After obtaining the BS in Physics students will to enroll in a 2 year Masters in Medical Physics in another University and 2 year of intern to be board certified. They can also pursue a PhD in Medical Physics in another University.

For more information visit the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. This curriculum has a special set of requirements that helps prepare students for such careers.

View the Medical Physics Track Curriculum

Pre-Med Track

The pre-med track is designed for students interested in going to medical school and related professional degrees, such as dental school.  Its requirements offer solid general preparation to apply to such programs. National statistics shows that physics majors are among the highest scorers in the MCAT.

View the Pre-Med Physics Track Curriculum

Astrophysics Track

The astrophysics track is ideal for students interested in learning about the dynamics of stars, galaxies, and the universe itself.  It prepares students for graduate programs in astronomy, theoretical physics, and astrophysics, as well as professional programs in aerospace engineering and related fields.

Students electing the astrophysics track take the general requirements, as well as courses in Differential Geometry, Physics of Stars, and Cosmology.

View the Astrophysics Track Curriculum

General Physics Track

For students undecided about their career paths or interested in pursuing careers requiring a general knowledge of physics, including teaching and many research, engineering and professional fields, a general (no track) option is available. These students take the general requirements.

View the General Physics Track


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