General Physics (No Track) - Curriculum & Duration

The following is a typical curriculum for physics students entering the University in Fall 2015; other students should refer to their academic advisor for their curricula.

First Year

Physics Orientation
Physics I
Principles of Chemistry I, II
Principles of Chemistry Lab I, II
Precalculus, Calculus I
Writing and Rhetoric I, II
Physical Education I, II
Humanities of Social Sciences General Education Requirement

Second Year

Physics II, III
Calculus II, III
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Probability
Computer Programming I
Humanities or Social Sciences General Education Requirement
Multidisciplinary Inquiry Requirements

Third Year

Modern Physics I
Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences I, II
Differential Equations
Advanced Lab
Electricity and Magnetism
Optics and Wave Phenomena
Quantum Mechanics
Introduction to Communication

Fourth Year

Statistical Mechanics
Undergraduate Research in Physics
Advanced Research in Physics
Physics Seminar
Humanities or Social Sciences General Education Requirements
Physics Electives
Physics, Chemistry, Biology Elective
Free Electives