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Integrated 4+1 BS/MS in Physics - Curriculum & Duration

The following is a typical curriculum for students entering the University in Fall 2019; other students should refer to their academic advisor for their curricula.

BS/MS in Physics, Complex Systems Concentration

Thesis and non-thesis options available.

Undergraduate Component

First Year

Physics Orientation
Physics I
Principles of Chemistry I, II
Principles of Chemistry Lab I, II
Precalculus, Calculus I
Writing and Rhetoric I, II
Physical Education I, II
General Education Humanities or Social Science Requirement

Second Year

Physics II, III
Calculus II, III
Numerical Analysis
Linear Algebra
General Education Humanities or Social Science Requirements
Multidisciplinary Inquiry Requirements

Third Year

Modern Physics I
Entrepreneurship and Physics in Industry*
Differential Equations
Introduction to Communication
Advanced Lab
Electricity and Magnetism
Optics and Wave Phenomena
Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences I
Advanced Mechanics *

Fourth Year

Undergraduate Research in Physics
Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics
Statistical Mechanics
Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences II*
Physics Seminar
Quantum Mechanics*
Advanced Research in Physics
Regression Analysis
Graduate Research*
Physics, Chemistry, Biology Elective
Physics Electives
Free Elective

Graduate Component


Graduate Research+

Fifth Year

Advanced Electricity and Magnetism
Equilibrium and Non-Equalibrium Statistical Mechanics
Advanced Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics
Graduate Seminar
Graduate Research+
Graduate Physics Elective(s)

* Graduate level courses taken during four undergraduate years.

+ Thesis option


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Mailing Address:

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Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495


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