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Biophysics Minor

The biophysics minor is intended to be a flexible program, combining a basic understanding of modern physics, cell biology and biophysics with selected advanced topics related to this rapidly growing field, which applies the study of materials and physical interactions to an understanding of biological systems.

Coursework & Duration


Course Number Course Name Credits
BS 119 or BS 131 General Biology II or Introductory Biology II 4 credits

BS 120 or BS135 or BS137

General Biology II Laboratory or Introductory Biology II Laboratory or Phage Hunters II
 1 or 2 credits
CH 202 or CH 212 Organic Chemistry II or Principles of Organic Chemistry II 3 credits 
MA122 Calculus I 4 credits
PY202 or PY 212 Introduction to Physics II  or Physics II  4 credits

Required Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
PY 301 Modern Physics I 3 credits
PY 340 Biophysics I 3 credits
PY 406 Advanced Lab 1 credit
PY 490
PY 495
Special Topics or Research in Physics (must be related to biophysics and be approved in advance by the minor advisor)
Undergraduate Research in Physics
(must be related to biophysics and be approved in advance by the minor advisor)
1-3 credits
2 credits

Elective Courses

Choose at least two of the following courses, at least one of which must be in physics (PY), mathematics (MA) or statistics (ST). Note that some of these courses have prerequisites:

Course Number Course Name Credit
BI 450 Bioinformatics I 3 credits
BS 461 Cell Biology 4 credits 
BS 466 Genetics 4 credits 
CH 341 Molecular Structure in Biochemistry 3 credits 
CH 342 Nucleic Acid Biochemistry 3 credits 
CS 201 Computer Programming I 3 credits 
MA 222 Calculus III 4 credits 
MA 320 Differential Equations 3 credits 
PY 302 Modern Physics II 3 credits 
PY 425-01
Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics 3 credits 
PY 701 Medical Physics 3 credits 
ST 310 Introduction to Biostatistics 3 credits 
Other elective courses as approved by the department.

Requirements & Expectations

  • You must take at least 18 credits of required and elective courses for the minor.
  • A minimum of 12 credits of minor coursework must be completed in addition to any courses (required courses or program electives) included in the major curriculum.
  • You may not earn both a biophysics minor and a physics minor
  • Up to 6 credits of coursework, with an earned grade of “C” or better, taken at another accredited institution, may be applied to the course requirements of the minor upon prior approval of the department chair.


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