Music Minor

The minor in music allows students who have an interest in music to deepen their knowledge and ability in this discipline. The arts foster a creative and critical way of thinking. Thus, the music minor is a logical option for a science-rich curriculum.

Recent history has produced scientists such as Einstein, Helmholtz, Dewar, and Apgar who were also musicians and/or musical instrument makers. Conversely, the famous composers Berlioz, Borodin, and Elgar had simultaneous careers in the sciences. The duality of these great achievers illustrates how a music and science- or math-based education can lead to success.

A science major with a minor in any humanities discipline shows prospective employers and graduate school admissions personnel a well-rounded and intellectually flexible candidate. Additionally, the minor in music provides you with a solid base of music knowledge that can be expanded easily by future study.

Coursework & Duration

Requirements (18 Credit hours)

Required Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
MU 210 Music Theory I 3 credits
MU 201
MU 202 (as appropriate)
Introductory Piano
Intermediate Piano
3 credits each
MU 301
MU 302
Music History I: Ancient–Baroque
Music History II: Baroque–20th Century
3 credits each
(Only 3 credits of Ensemble/Chorus may be applied to the total minor requirement.)
 3 credits

Additional courses may include:

Course Number Course Name Credits
MU 301
MU 302
Music History I
Music History II
3 credits each
MU 310 World Music 3 credits 
MU 353 The Blues (cross-listed as SS 353) 3 credits
MU 202 Intermediate Piano 3 credits
MU 399 Independent Study  may vary
HU 340 Special Topics in the Humanities 3 credits

Additional Information

  • Independent studies may include music history research, integrated science and music projects, and recitals. Independent studies and HU 340 courses must be approved by the minor advisor.
  • Transferred credits must be approved by the department chair. A maximum of six credits may be transferred from another institution.
  • A minimum of 12 credits of minor coursework must be completed in addition to any courses (required courses or program electives) included in the major curriculum.
  • Contact Music Minor Advisor, Dr. Kim Robson at k.robson@usciences with questions.

Requirements & Expectations


You should apply to the minor program early in your academic career, usually by the fifth semester of college work, but no later than the end of the drop/add period of the first semester of the last year of didactic work. You must have a 2.00 GPA or higher and must have the approval of your advisor in order to apply for the program.


Dr. Kim Robson


Office Location: East Building, Room 107
University of the Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495