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Medical Humanities Major - Experiential Opportunities

The program’s unique combination of scientific and humanistic study inside and outside the classroom provides a strong foundation for continued intellectual development in both your personal and professional lives.

The Senior Capstone

You will participates in a two-part, year-long senior capstone course with a Humanities faculty advisor. This capstone brings focus and coherence to the undergraduate studies with a final project.

Senior Capstone Advisor

As you approach your final year, you will identify a Humanities faculty advisor, and meet regularly in an independent study format.

First Part: Gathering

During the first semester of this project, your faculty-student team will work to identify an appropriate topic, identify relevant sources, conduct basic research and produce a preliminary project draft.

Second Part: Finalizing

During the second semester of the senior capstone project, you will refine your approach with new material as appropriate, and refine the work according to the on-going input from your advisor. The final product is bound and displayed in the Humanities Department.

Beyond the Classroom

You'll gain hands-on practical experience through research, class lectures, and labs. In addition, you'll have opportunities for traveling, performing, and other experiences that reach beyond the classroom. Some of our recent students have:

  • Participated in classes with professional musicians.
  • Attended showings of Opera, Musical Theater, Plays, Art Museum Exhibits, and Recitals.
  • Presented research in Literature at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference.
  • Produced plays in the greater Philadelphia area.
  • Attended guest lectures of prominent researchers in psychology, communication, cultural diversity, literature, philosophy, and others.
  • Taken part in the Misher Festival of Fine Arts and Humanities—a week long event taking place each spring, and produced by Humanities faculty and assisted by student organizations.
  • Contributed poetry, reflections and short stories in a published work on campus.


Admission Office

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