Medical Humanities Major - Curriculum & Duration

University of the Sciences' BS in Medical Humanities major gives you a thorough grounding in the natural sciences in combination with in-depth study of the various humanities disciplines, including literature, philosophy, ethics, history, classics, the fine arts, and religion.

Create your own areas of study in this highly flexible major. Students can satisfy all requirements for application to medical school, include broad natural science education along with the humanities requirements, or focusing primarily on a specific natural science (biology, chemistry, and physics) for a personalized track appropriate for a professional or graduate program.

Curriculum Outline

After satisfying prerequisites, the arrangement and scheduling of courses is highly flexible. A grand total of 121 credits is required.

General Education Discipline Requirements Credits
Natural Sciences (1 semester of lab) 7
Mathematics 6
Written and Oral Communication 9
Social Sciences 6
Humanities 6
Multidisciplinary Inquiry 6
Physical Education 1
Total: 41
Major Distribution (five of seven subject areas) Credits
Foreign Language (must be 2nd semester) 3
Fine Arts 3
English 3
History 3
Philosophy 3
Classics 3
Religious Studies 3
Total: 15
Core Major Credits
HU 101 Orientation 1
HU 494 Pre-Capstone 3
HU 495 Capstone 3
Total: 7
Major Concentration and Free Elective Credits
Science Electives 25
Humanities Electives 30
Free Elective 3
Total: 58

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Medical Humanities program achieve these learning outcomes:

  • Write at a high level of proficiency and construct well-supported arguments
  • Interpret texts with critical thinking and insight
  • Obtain understanding of the Humanities’ relationship to Healthcare
  • Enter graduate, professional school or employment well-prepared
  • Obtain research skills demonstrated in a comprehensive major research project



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