Humanities and Science Major - Career Outcomes

As a graduate of the Humanities and Science Program, you will be prepared to meet a need that is not just regional or national but, indeed, human. To bring together the philosopher and the historian with the biologist and the chemist, to make it possible for the artist and the physicist to work together, to create an opportunity for the student of literature to relate to the mathematician—these are needs our world must address. Increasingly, medical schools as well as other professional programs seek out students with a broad background. In recent years, Humanities and Science majors have received highly competitive scores on the MCATs.

You should find the program particularly attractive if you want to:

  • Enter medical school, veterinary college or similar professional programs
  • Pursue a career in law, library science or any field where a strong background in science and the humanities together would be useful
  • Extend your studies through graduate programs in areas such as biomedical writing, public health and health policy


Kevin Murphy, PhD
Chair, Department of Humanities


Office Location: East Building, Room 101
University of the Sciences
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