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Chair’s Message - Department of Humanities

You might wonder, “Why study the humanities?” Especially in a largely science-based institution such as University of the Sciences, this seems a worthwhile question. My answer is that everyone—particularly those in the sciences and healthcare professions—find themselves now more than ever in need of the ability to think and communicate in ways that connect them with the broader world.

Whether communicating with patients across the pharmacy counter or with doctors about the latest innovations in the pharmaceutical marketplace, writing about the developments in physical or occupational therapy, or preparing for a whole range of graduate opportunities, the humanities-focused skills you will develop alongside your science expertise will serve you extremely well in a professional future that will change more rapidly than ever before.

Research, technology, and innovation are defining the world of science and the health professions with greater and greater velocity. Employers of all sorts hire specific sets of skills, but all are seeking individuals who bring an ability to adapt to change and think creatively to the workplace—whether in the lab, a government agency, a pharmacy, a hospital, or any endeavor whose purpose is to make life better.

Graduates with a degree in medical humanities go on to medical school, enter various graduate programs in health science, and work in NGOs and associations, and to all of these pursuits,they bring genuine, contributive, intellectual, and ethical curiosity.

The excitement of the humanities comes from discovering that there is always more to discover, always more to integrate into an ever-more sophisticated view of the professions and the world. Come explore the world of literature, history, language, classics, philosophy, and religion with us, and discover for yourself the doors that will open!

Kevin C. Murphy, PhD
Chair, Department of Humanities
Professor of History


Kevin Murphy, PhD

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