Forensic Science Career Outcomes

The fast-growing field of forensic science goes beyond the critical work of criminal investigations. Environmental contamination, global health emergencies, and threat preparedness are just a few of the areas where people with this degree are needed. Emerging from a program designed by FBI, EPA, and law enforcement experts, USciences grads are well positioned to use their knowledge in successful careers.

Fast Growth, the Opportunity to Make a Difference

The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts job growth in forensic science at 27%—“much faster than average.” And the median annual wage of $56,320, according to the U.S Department of Labor, is encouraging.

The fast growth in this field is matched by strong competition—many students are interested in this fascinating profession. Continued training and education are often necessary to stay ahead. On-the-job training and many types of certification and specialized training in areas such as firearms analysis are important to career success.

Several factors can put USciences grads a step ahead in the competition, starting with the expertise behind the development of our program and faculty members working in the field. In addition, all USciences forensic science students have opportunities for hands-on summer work and internships in places such as the FBI, EPA, Homeland Security, and the Philadelphia Crime Scenes Unit.

As a forensic scientist investigating crime, environmental problems, or threats to health and safety, your work may involve travel, extended hours, and tough demands in a crisis. But you’ll often have the satisfaction of finding out the truth and making a true difference.

Explore Your Future in Forensics

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