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Message from the Dean of Misher College of Arts and Sciences

Not all biology degrees are created equal. Neither are chemistry or physics degrees for that matter. Misher College of Arts and Sciences is proof of this.

Our faculty is the first advantage you’ll notice here. A large basic sciences faculty gives Misher unique strength and an impressive student-teacher ratio. For instance, we have approximately 20 biology professors for our 160 biology majors. They represent a vast range of specialties, including cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, environmental biology—the list goes on. Few other schools have the capacity to hire faculty in this manner.

This breadth of expertise means you have opportunities to delve deeper into your subjects. Hands-on lab experience also starts early—for many, in their freshman year. And we’re not talking about bottle washing. You’ll work side-by-side with your professors using the latest scientific equipment to investigate funded research projects, and you’ll have opportunities to publish and present your findings.

Misher graduates are typically better prepared than their peers to tackle medical school, graduate school, or their first job. How do we know? Because year after year, we get calls from former students who all share a similar experience: Misher made a real difference in securing their next step after graduation.

Plus, our students’ success in being accepted to medical school is remarkable. In fact, Misher guarantees select students placement in medical school—or dental or veterinary school—upon graduation. Similar programs offer opportunities to any student striving to be a doctor of physical therapy, occupational therapy, or pharmacy.

The central underpinning to our scientific focus is a liberal arts curriculum that ensures students understand the world beyond the classroom and laboratory. We know from experience that a well-rounded individual makes the best science or health science professional. That's why all USciences undergraduates spend their first two years with our general education curriculum, which includes selections like world cultures, history, literature, psychology, sociology, communications, and the fine arts.

No matter which scientific path you choose, you’ll feel like family here. A supportive, rather than competitive, spirit infuses all we do at Misher College of Arts and Sciences. Faculty, staff, and fellow students help guide your scientific adventure. I invite you to explore this site and take the first steps of this adventure with us.


Nathan Baird, PhD
Interim Dean
Misher College of Arts and Sciences


Nathan Baird, PhD
Interim Dean, Misher College of Arts and Sciences

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Griffith Hall, Room 212A


University of the Sciences
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