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Research - Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

The educational programs offered through our Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry combine an understanding of fundamental scientific principles with an intensive laboratory research experience. You’ll have many opportunities to engage in research that advances the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Whether an undergraduate or a graduate student in any of our programs, you’ll have the chance to work in close collaboration with a faculty research advisor on research projects. The results of these projects are advancing scientific knowledge and applications. Our faculty publish their work regularly with undergraduate and graduate student authors.

Student researchers:

  • Gain valuable experience in laboratory techniques, how to carry out research, how to analyze data and how to report their results.
  • Collaborate with faculty and classmates in classroom and in the lab.
  • Work with commonly used instrumentation and techniques.
  • Participate in discovery and innovation

Value of student research:

  • Ideal preparation for them to continue their education in master’s and doctoral programs at University of the Sciences and elsewhere.
  • Develop the skill set of a working scientist while still within the University training environment.
  • Obtain the tools necessary to identify problems and create solutions that will help later in educational and professional careers.

The diverse faculty research interests available at the University present students with a wide variety of potential projects in all five of the major areas of chemistry, as well as in many less familiar areas of chemistry, such as computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry and proteomics. Additionally, the Department encourages all undergraduates to present their research accomplishments at local and national professional meetings, as well as to publish their results in appropriate scientific journals.

For more about specific research projects and publications within the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, see the University research site and departmental faculty pages.


Madhu Mahalingam, PhD
Interim Chair, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Office Location:

Griffith Hall, 140A


University of the Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495