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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

With stellar faculty, small class sizes, and outstanding research facilities, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers a hands-on immersion in every field of modern chemistry. Our undergraduate programs include a one-of-a-kind pharmaceutical chemistry major and a bioinformatics minor, and our graduate programs extend into nanotechnology and advanced drug design. We also offer the integrated graduate credit program where academically qualified undergraduate students can take up to 15 additional credits of relevant USciences graduate coursework at no extra cost.

Undergraduate BS, Minor Programs

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    ChemistryProgram Options: BS, Minor

    Build a strong foundation in the five major areas of chemistry — analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, and physical — the basis for advanced scientific study and interdisciplinary research.

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    BiochemistryProgram Options: BS, Minor

    This exciting interdisciplinary field explores the chemicals and chemical reactions in living systems. You will learn to use powerful analytical tools —including nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry and fluorescence spectroscopy — to study the molecules that power life.

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    Pharmaceutical ChemistryProgram Options: BS

    USciences is the only university in Philadelphia and one of only a few nationwide offering this uniquely powerful undergraduate degree. Over four years, you’ll study everything from organic and biochemistry to computer-aided drug design and medicinal chemistry.

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    BioinformaticsProgram Options: Minor

    This minor — which uses computer technology to gather and analyze biological information — is the perfect accompaniment to USciences majors like biochemistry, health science, and pharmacology and toxicology.

Graduate MS, PhD Programs

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    ChemistryProgram Options: MS, PhD

    As a graduate student in chemistry, you’ll get to work closely with seasoned faculty in a small and high-performing department.

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    BiochemistryProgram Options: MS, PhD

    Biochemists with a master’s degree or PhD are in high demand across the pharmaceutical, medical manufacturing, and advanced research sectors. At USciences, you’ll benefit from close interaction and personal attention from top faculty in computational biochemistry, drug design, biochemical genetics, and more.

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    PharmacognosyProgram Options: MS, PhD

    USciences proudly offers one of the only advanced pharmacognosy degrees in the country. This exciting field explores the natural products and plants that are used in some of today’s most effective medicines. Areas of specialization include ethnobotany, nutraceuticals, and metabolic engineering.

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    BioinformaticsProgram Options: MS

    From genome sequencing to database design, a graduate degree in bioinformatics opens doors to exciting careers in personalized medicine and genetic research.

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