Chemistry Major - Curriculum & Duration

As a chemistry major, you will spend your first two years taking foundation courses in the basics of chemistry and organic chemistry, along with biology, mathematics and physics. In your final two years, you’ll take a combination of required and advanced elective courses, enabling you to focus your training in an area of chemistry of particular interest, and have the opportunity to engage in independent research under the guidance of a faculty member.

In addition, you will complete the General Education Curriculum, a collection of interdisciplinary, humanities and social sciences courses that enhance critical writing and speaking skills and add breadth to your educational experience.

The following is a typical curriculum for chemistry students entering University of the Sciences in Fall 2016; other students should refer to their academic advisor for their curricula.

First Year

Introductory Biology I
Principles of Chemistry I, II
Principles of Chemistry Lab I, II
Orientation for the Chemical Sciences
Precalculus, Calculus I
Writing and Rhetoric I, II
Physical Education I, II
General Education Requirement

Second Year

Principles of Organic Chemistry I, II
Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab I, II
Basic Inorganic Chemistry
Calculus II, III
Physics I, II
Multidisciplinary Inquiry Requirement

Third Year

Discussions in Chemistry
Physical Chemistry I, II
Principles of Analytical Chemistry
Analytical and Physical Methods Lab I, II
Instrumental Analysis
Literature of Chemistry
Public Speaking
General Education Requirement
Multidisciplinary Inquiry Requirement
Free Elective

Fourth Year

Molecular Structure in Biochemistry
Seminar in Chemistry I, II
Physical Chemistry Lab I
Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic and Materials Synthesis
Chemistry Program Electives including Research
Free Electives
General Education Requirements
Additional general education courses are required as part of the program.

Learning Outcomes

Each program at USciences has developed student learning goals. Graduates of the pharmaceutical chemistry program will achieve these learning outcomes.