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Chemistry Major - Career Outcomes

Careers for chemistry majors have grown far beyond the traditional chemicals-as-commodities industries. Thinking outside the box—and getting outside the lab—you’ll find rewarding positions in government regulations, data science, even law enforcement and the environment. Get a fresh look at this quickly advancing field, which includes research, manufacturing, and quality control.

Connect to a Changing World

Your chemistry major positions you to work or continue your education in chemical aspects of health, environment, forensics, materials, food, cosmetics, production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and many more science and technology fields.

For many—more than 50% of USciences graduates in chemical sciences—a degree leads to graduate or medical, dental or other professional schools.  You may pursue an advanced degree in science or engineering.  Graduates perform research with industry, government agencies, national labs or universities. You may also:

  • Solve problems in manufacturing or production in the chemical, food, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industry.
  • Teach science in public or private schools, or, with further education, at a college or university.
  • Assure product quality and compliance with regulations.
  • Provide technical assistance to clients.
  • Pursue a law degree with a strong science background to work in patent litigation or on ethically sensitive cases.
  • Pursue a business degree with a strong science background to uniquely contribute to a corporate environment

Because USciences provides access to powerful computing technology and sophisticated lab equipment, you’ll be prepared for forward-facing work environments in fields such as cheminformatics (on the cutting edge of explorations in big data) or crystallography, with its use of imaging and modeling to develop computer chips, solar cells, and pharmaceuticals. As the American Chemical Society (ACS) points out, more Nobel Prizes have been awarded in crystallography than in any other field of science.

USciences Chemistry Program Contact

In this diverse field, you’ll have many options—and likely a lot of questions. You’re welcome to reach out to the chemistry program contact, Madhumati Mahalingam, PhD at 215-596-7549 or You can also get information and assistance from the USciences Office of Career Services at 215-596-8735.


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