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Biochemistry Major - Career Outcomes

Get on the fast track to an exciting career: Your degree in biochemistry instantly makes you an attractive candidate for leading drug companies, research laboratories, and colleges and universities across the globe.

Reap the Full Range of Rewards

You’ll also earn the satisfaction of expanding the realm of scientific knowledge—like researching new treatments for pervasive diseases or developing tests that help uncover hidden conditions. You could unlock the secrets to groundbreaking new solutions for clean energy, more efficient and sustainable food sources, environmental preservation, and other critical issues affecting millions.

  • Work or continue your education in chemical aspects of health, environment, forensics, materials, food, cosmetics, production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and many more science and technology fields.
  • Gain admission to medical, dental or other professional schools.
  • Pursue an advanced degree in science or engineering.
  • Perform research with industry, government agencies, national labs, or universities.
  • Solve problems in manufacturing or production in the chemical, food, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industry.
  • Teach science in public or private schools, or, with further education, at a college or university.
  • Assure product quality and compliance with regulations.
  • Provide technical assistance to clients.
  • Pursue a law degree with a strong science background to work in patent litigation or on ethically sensitive cases.
  • Pursue a business degree with a strong science background to uniquely contribute to a corporate environment

USciences graduates quickly find work with premier employers

The future of the field also looks bright, with steady job growth projected through 2024. Forecasts indicate employers of all sizes will continually seek talented biochemists for research and product development.


  •      AstraZeneca
  •      Consumer Laboratory Com
  •      GlaxoSmithKline
  •      Merck

Colleges and Universities

  •      Drexel University School of Medicine
  •      Northwestern University
  •      University of Delaware

Research Laboratories

  •      Food and Drug Administration
  •      National Cancer Institute
  •      National Institutes of Health

USciences Biochemistry Program Contact

In this diverse field, you’ll have many options—and likely a lot of questions. You’re welcome to reach out to the chemistry program contact, Madhumati Mahalingam, PhD at 215-596-7549 or You can also get information and assistance from the USciences Office of Career Services at 215-596-8735.