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Neuroscience Minor

The minor in Neuroscience will provide students with a foundation in this interdisciplinary field. Students will learn how components of the nervous system work together to coordinate physiological and cognitive functions. Students will gain an appreciation of the complex system and how changes in regulation can impact thoughts and actions.

Coursework & Duration

Prerequisite Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
PS101 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits


General Chemistry I
Principles of Chemistry I
Survey of Chemistry
3 credits each
General Biology I
Introduction to Biology I

3credits each 

Required courses (9-10 Credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
NS260 Introduction to Neuroscience 3 credits
NS261 Introduction to Neuroscience II 3 credits
NS495 Seminar in Neuroscience 1 credit
Independent Study or Directed Research or Research Experience Credit approved by the minor program director 2-3 credits

Electives: Choose a minimum of 9 credits of the following:

Course Number Course Name Credits
BS430 Molecular Basis of Neurological Disorders 3 credits
NS415 Biophysics of the Brain 3 credits
NS/PS422 Neurodevelopmental Disorders 3 credits
NS/PS424 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 3 credits
BS/PS428 Neuropsychology 3 credits
NS/BS460 Neurobiology 3 credits
PC340 Introduction to Neuropsychopharmacology 3 credits
PT425/BS425 Neuroscience 4/3 credits 
Other Courses may be used to satisfy the elective requirements with approval by the minor program director.

Requirements & Expectations

Students must complete 18 credits beyond the prerequisite courses. Of these 18 credits, a minimum of 12 credits of minor coursework must be completed in addition to any courses (required courses or program electives) included in the major curriculum.

Interested students should apply to the minor early in their academic career, usually by the fifth semester of college work, but no later than the end of the drop/add period of the first semester of their last year of didactic work. Interested students should contact Dr. Maggie Pearce for more information.