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Microbiology Major

Microbiology—the study of life that cannot be seen with the naked eye—holds the answers to practical problems in health and medicine, food production and preservation, alternative energy, and infectious disease control. Some microorganisms cause disease, but many carry out important functions that are critical to life on Earth.

Our structured curriculum is flexible enough for you to pursue interests in clinical, environmental, basic and applied microbiology. You will also gain additional exposure to the natural and physical sciences and humanities, plus ample opportunities for independent study and/or directed research. The USciences microbiology major program is one of only a handful in the Mid-Atlantic region and meets the guidelines put forth by the American Society for Microbiology.

  1. The McNeil Science and Technology Center offers you access to labs, equipment, and resources at the forefront of science
  2. Expert faculty members provide unparalleled guidance to help you complete your degree and advance in your career.
  3. A structured curriculum with strong cross-disciplinary interaction encourages working closely with students and faculty in other programs.
  4. Supervised independent research —early in your undergraduate program—gives you invaluable hands-on, practical experience.
  5. Our superior reputation for academics and research will help you gain employment in your choice of clinical, government, academic, and industrial settings.
  6. Your microbiology major lays a solid foundation on which you can build graduate studies in medicine, molecular biology, biotechnology, virology, immunology and other advanced academic degrees in public health and research-based professional programs.
  7. Lessen the total time and cost to complete a USciences MS or PhD—the integrated graduate credit program allows qualified undergraduates to take up to 15 additional credits of graduate coursework at no extra cost

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